Accountants + Accounting Technicians
for Canadian Small Business


At SBA CANADA we’re looking to address the looming shortage of accountants and accounting technicians.  We want to do this by re-configuring the educational and training requirements, to align better with the needs of small businesses and with small practitioners. 

Train to be a Business Analyst


In the real world accounting technicians compile banking, credit card and other financial transactions and post them to a working trial balance. So we built our own working paper tool to allow students to do just that – AND – to get a better facility with EXCEL or other professional spreadsheet software.


An overview of our Business and Commercial Law course


Sales Tax and Payroll courses both provide an overview of the legal underpinnings of payroll and sales tax. In each case they rely on federal and provincial law and common law (or civil law in the case of Quebec).

Accounting 100


Taxation 101

A Practical Guide to Sales & Consumption Taxes

Business Law 100

A User’s Guide to Canada’s Legal System

Taxation 102

Employers’ Responsibilities to Employees

Accounting 200

Accountant’s Working Paper Files

Become a certified:

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