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BUSINESS ANALYST TECHNICIANS work for 2 years in the accounting services industry to learn the fundamental accounting algorithm.

After graduation they can transition to working for small or medium-sized businesses, with a path to management accounting or corporate finance. Or, they can continue in public accounting and learn the intricacies of tax and regulatory compliance.

Virtual Faculty

For each course, we employ very distinguished virtual faculty.

We can’t afford to pay them.

But our students do buy their books. All required texts are available as either e-books or audiobooks. Students can buy books in their choice of format. In that way, part of the proceeds eventually finds its way to the authors.

Entrepreneurial Advisors

Many business schools like to brag that they have an entrepreneur in residence. We don’t bother. They’re all over the web anyway. We seek them out and listen to what they have to say. If what they say makes sense, we just steal their ideas.