We’ve built our delivery model around an emphasis on  practical skills delivered on the job. Allowing for online and self-study options – particularly for those in smaller communities or adults transitioning to a second career – will make our program less expensive, and less of an impediment to students wanting to start a satisfying new career.

The program was designed from the perspective of a CPA practitioner in a small firm. In short, from the perspective of 78% of Canadian CPA practitioners that work in firms with only one or two principals.

It seems to us that the CHARTERED PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANT’S program in Canada has followed the lead of both the legal profession and the medical profession in becoming less relevant in relation to the needs of Canadian society.

So, in 2022 we will launch the BUSINESS ANALYST TECHNICIAN program to address the need for skilled, entry-level accounting technicians and bookkeepers.

A little over a year later in the fall of 2023, we will launch the SMALL BUSINESS ANALYST professional program, for “BAT” certificate holders to continue their professional development and advance in their careers.

The SBA designation will allow graduates to supervise “BAT” students and graduates, and to work independently in public accounting, or in collaboration with CPAs in practice.

The “BAT” program will require a single year of experience in public accounting, and the successful completion of all 5 courses.

The “SBA” professional program will require an additional 7 courses, and an additional 2 years of practical experience.

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